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Pamica NV is the
investment company
of Michel Akkermans



Michel is a serial entrepreneur, private investor, advisor and board member, serving on the boards of public and private companies and private equity funds.

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Michel Akkermans holds a M.Sc. in electronic engineering and computer sciences and a postgraduate degree in economics & finance from the University of Leuven in Belgium. He also attended the Singularity University Executive Program (Silicon Valley) in September 2018.

After continuing at the university as an academic researcher, he moved to project management positions at international banks, including JP Morgan and Continental Bank, and subsequently for international consulting companies.


In 1989 Michel founded FICS, a leading software provider in the field of online banking and regulatory financial reporting. Under his leadership as Chairman and CEO, FICS grew to employ over 700 employees worldwide and achieved revenues in excess of USD 70 million. In 1999 FICS, together with Edify and Vertical One, merged with Security First Technologies, creating the market leader in Internet banking - S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE), with Michel as its executive chairman.


After leaving S1 in 2001, Michel Akkermans co-founded Clear2Pay, an innovative finance technology company focused on delivering global solutions for payments and became its Chairman and CEO. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with offices worldwide, the company's focus is to facilitate banks and financial organizations in their provision of payments services. It pioneered the payment services hub as the core payments software infrastructure for financial institutions and large corporations. The company also developed advanced testing solutions for the entire payment value chain. Clear2Pay employed 1200 staff and achieved revenues over EUR100 million before it was acquired in 2014 by FIS (Nasdaq: FIS), the world’s number one in financial technology. Michel continued with FIS as an executive advisor after the acquisition.


In 2001 Michel also became an investor and executive chairman in Data4S, a data analytics and data mining company, focusing on anti-money laundering applications for financial institutions. Norkom acquired the company in 2004.


Clear2Pay, FICS and Data4S generated superior returns for its investors and management teams.


A proven pioneer in new financial technology dynamics, Michel is a frequent keynote speaker at industry-led events and actively participates in the development of new ideas, initiatives and companies. He is multi-lingual and operates worldwide.


Board Positions, Active Investor, Mandates

Currently, Michel holds a number of board positions and is an active investor in several companies and private equity organizations. His mandates include:


Private Companies

Executive chairman and investor in Approach

A pure-play cybersecurity and privacy service provider.

Executive chairman and investor in IntellectEU

Digital Finance based on Integration, Blockchain, DLT, AI and Quantum Computing.

Chairman and investor in NGData

Big Data based customer experience management solutions.

Executive chairman and investor in

An A.I. platform for model risk management.

Chairman and investor in Chili Publish

Provides a unique online publishing experience to brand owners and its service providers.

Board member and investor in Essensium

 Location awareness and position tracking systems.

midiagnostics small.png
Board member and investor in miDiagnostics

Disposable chip for blood self-testing

Board member and investor in Monitr

Control your cashflow

Board member and investor in Seaters

Unrivalled Brand Relationship Management

Supervisory board member at Exact

Cloud business software for SMEs and their accountants.

Board member at Imec vzw and Imec International

World-leading research in nanoelectronics.

Investor in BITA

High-performance infrastructure to power the next generation of passive investing.

Investor in Sentiance

Real-time Ambient Intelligence.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Volta Ventures.png
Chairman of the Advisory Board and Partner of Volta

Seed and early stage venture capital for internet and software companies in the Benelux.


Not for Profit

Contributor to the campaign “Opening the Future”

Fundraising campaign with focus on neurodegenerative diseases.

Middelheim Promotors vzw

Art sponsoring organisation.


Past Activities

Michel was also a former director of Agfa-Gevaert (Euronext: AGFA.BR), Quest for Growth (Euronext: QFG.BR) and Gemplus (now Gemalto), Capco, Vanbreda International, Isabel Group and US based companies Webtone and Proficient as well as an executive advisor to Aquiline. He was also executive chairman of Citymesh (acquired by Cegeka), Connective (acquired by Nitro ASX: NTO.AX), Intix (Summa Equity), Awingu (acquired by Corel Corporation), Cashforce (acquired by Treasury Intelligence Solutions), b.fine (acquired by Regnology) and chairman of Realdolmen (Euronext: REA) as well as board member of BelCham.

Past Activities

Portfolio Companies News / Press Releases



21 June 2O23 - De Tijd - Brusselse AI voor banken richt zijn pijlen op Verenigde Staten

16 November 2O22

b.fine - De Tijd - Financier Michel Akkermans verkoopt Belgische bankenbode

17 June 2022

Cashforce - De Tijd - Topfinancier Michel Akkermans slaat dubbelslag in paar dagen tijd

16 June 2022

Cashforce - De Tijd - Belgische fintechgroeier Cashforce in Duitse handen

13 June 2022

Awingu - DataNews - Corel neemt Belgische remote access specialist Awingu over

13 June 2022

Awingu - De Tijd - Gentse thuiswerkcockpit Awingu komt in Canadese handen

3 June 2022

Awingu - Awingu wint "Digital Workplace Innovator of the Year" award @ DataNews Awards

30 March 2022

miDiagnostics - miDiagnostics verwelkomt Nicolas De Clercq als nieuwe Chief Financial Officer

29 March 2022

CHILI Publish - CHILI Publish raises €10 million to help brands and agencies scale their on-brand graphic production

1 March 2022

Intix - Scandinaven kopen Mechelse 'Google voor banken'

17 February 2022

miDiagnostics - miDiagnostics ultra-fast COVID-19 PCR Test succeeds in Brussels Airport pilot study

1 February 2022

Awingu - Datanews - Nieuw Vlaams project moet cybersecurity naar een hoger niveau tillen


3 December 2021

The Curious - Podcast met Michel Akkermans

20 November 2021

De Tijd - De miljardenprik van gefortuneerde zakenfamilies

10 November 2021

Nitro blog - Nitro + Connective: The New Global Force in Enterprise eSigning

10 November 2021

PRweb - Nitro to Acquire European eSign Leader Connective

9 November 2021

b.fine - Collaboration with PwC

November 2021

Pamica - Interview with Fokus Business Guide

8 November 2021

Cashforce - FIS leverages working capital insights and smart Artificial Intelligence to more accurately forecast cash

14 October 2021

miDiagnostics - miDiagnostics is pilot testing its ultra-fast PCR covid test at Brussels Airport

5 October 2021

Awingu - Awingu and Idenprotect join forces to deliver first password-free Unified Workspace

5 October 2021

Awingu - New partnership Awingu and OPSWAT strengthens Zero Trust remote access capabilities

21 September 2021

Yields - Interview Bloovi - Hoe dit Vlaams-Waalse duo met zijn AI-platform algoritmes automatisch wil testen en monitoren

2 September 2021

Pamica - Podcast - interview Michel Akkermans Leaders in Finance

20 August 2021

Monitr - Monitr geeft kleine ondernemingen inzicht in hun financiële situatie.

16 July 2021

Monitr - Wanneer staat de eerste Belgische fintechunicorn op?

7 July 2021

Monitr - Belgische Fintech startup Monitr haalt seed funding op bij Michel Akkermans.

27 June 2021

Seaters - Belgium's Prime Minister shares 4 lessons on how the European country is outpacing the US in vaccination rates

22 June 2021

Approach welcomes two new Board Members

16 June 2021

NGDATA Joins Growing Ecosystem of Partners Supporting the IBM Cloud for Financial Services

7 June 2021

New CASHFORCE Warsaw office

1 June 2021

Silver Lake announces strategic investment in Exact

30 April 2021

miDiagnostics Accelerates with Launch of Rapid COVID-19 PCR Test Product

30 April 2021

Antwerp: where imagination and ambition go hand in hand.
This is precisely why the city of the Scheldt is the ideal place to innovate.
Read the articles of Pamica, Connective and Volta Ventures

14 January 2021

NGDATA launches ‘NGDATA Inside’ Partner Program

8 January 2021

b.fine raises €1 million in funding round led by Pamica NV


8 October 2020

Showpad Co-Founder Louis Jonckheere joins CHILI publish board of directors

23 September 2020

NGDATA solidifies its strong position in the CDP market

2 July 2020

Graphic creation software provider CHILI publish secures additional €3 million funding

24 June 2020, Model Validation Service of the Year 2020

27 May 2020

CDP Institute grants NGDATA RealCDP Certification

26 March 2020

miDiagnostics Raises €14m to Accelerate the Commercialization of its Disruptive, Lab-quality Silicon Chip Diagnostics Platform

20 March 2020

miaa Guard announces Rebrand


4 December 2019
DataNews Article: Dutch - French

Dutch: Veel ondernemers, weinig vrouwen in top 50 Belgische tech-investeerders
French: Beaucoup d'entrepreneurs, mais très peu de femmes dans le top 50 des investisseurs technologiques belges

16 May 2019

Approach opent een kantoor in Antwerpen

20 March 2019

CHILI publish secures additional €3,625 million to spur worldwide growth


13 November 2018

Michel Akkermans invests in Belgian scale-up

17 April 2018

Belgian Fintech champion Isabel Group reinforces Board of Directors with Michel Akkermans and Martin Servais

8 January 2018 raises €1.25M to conquer model risk in the global financial market

Former portfolio company news/PR

1 March 2022

De Tijd - Intix - Scandinaven kopen Mechelse Google voor banken

June 2021

Citymesh integrated telecom solution reference case.

30 November 2020

Cegeka and Citymesh join forces to form a fourth national operator.




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2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: +32 3 202 40 30

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